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Broadcast appearances with impact!

Large audiences demand a big screen.

It did not take long before the entertainment industry took note of our extra ordinary touch device – even faster they´ve incorporated TableConnect into their show formats. We proudly supported the first three seasons of the Austrian TV show “2 Minuten 2 Millionen”, similar to the startup investment show “Shark Tank”, and look forward to many more promising startups in season 4. 

ATV – Austria´s #1 private TV channel took it a step further with their politics show “Klartext” and developed their own Android app to perfectly suit their needs. Host Martin Thür confronts politicians with contradicting facts from their past on TableConnect, in all its multitouch glory. 

Video Case Study – ATV Klartext

Make yourself seen

Every app presentation gains more impact on a TableConnect. That´s just as true for TV as it is at any other occasion.

Finally the show host and the interactively presented app can be framed simultaneously in camera – even live and without any editing! 

Watch the Hokify Pitch (formerly Jobswipr) on Puls4 – 2 Minuten 2Millionen
Watch the Swell Pitch (formerly Dvel) on Puls4 – 2 Minuten 2Millionen

photo: © PULS 4 / Bernhard Eder

Primetime Reliability

TV tapings happen in a very fast-paced environment. There’s no room for errors especially with live shows. TableConnects are built from industry grade components made to run 24/7. 

Watch an episode of ATV Klartext with the mayor of Vienna

photo: © ATV / Novotny

Custom Apps in No Time

With Android being the dominant multitouch operating system, developing your own TV show related apps is a breeze and much cheaper than on comparable Windows-based systems.

The Klartext App was specifically created for TV by our partner all about apps.

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