In perfect shape

Struck by the looks! TableConnect’s ground-breaking industry design sets it apart from any ordinary design furniture out there. Not only because of it’s “built to last”-looks but also by it’s little secret. Once connected to your personal phone or tablet, TableConnect delivers the ultimate multitouch experience. Use millions of apps already out there waiting to get supersized. Table Connect’s design and function simply blend seamlessly.

TableConnect fall in love



Plug and touch

Don’t worry about complexity. It’s really simple. Take your iOS or Android device, plug it in and Start our app – you just got supersized! The full experience of your touch device is visible on the large screen and fully operable via Table Connect’s capacitive multitouch surface. Active areas with sensor buttons guarantee an intuitive user experience and will literally glue your senses to the big screen. And in addition, a powerful speaker system will give you a remarkable sound experience. (Jailbreak and our custom apps are required to use iOS devices with Table Connect.)


A versatile design icon

Table Connect becomes the immediate center of attention in any space. Inspired by the monolith in Stanley Kubrik’s 2001 movie TableConnect follows a reduced but sophisticated design language. The uniquely shaped legs allow Table Connect to be used in various ways apart from the table setup. Use it vertically for interactive display and kiosk purposes or in panorama mode as a interactive blackboard. It is a versatile design icon carefully crafted to the details.


Table Connect Love at first sight

TableConnect Built To Last


Built to last

Table Connect’s body is nearly seamlessly covered with ultra-sturdy glass. The legs and body are made of anodized black aluminum that is lightweight and stable at at the same time. TableConnect’s timeless monolithic design and precise craftmanship makes it a device built to last.

It got the looks!


TableConnect 55

TableConnect 55

TableConnect 55

Angry Birds – Big Time

TableConnect 55

TableConnect 55 White Studio Setup

TableConnect 55 Portrait Mode

TableConnect 55 Meeting Room

TableConnect 55 For Familiy And Friends

TableConnect 55 DJ-Deck

Simple on the outside, ingenious on the inside.

Connect your iOS device to a big screen with touch capabilities sounds really simple right? What you don’t see is that there are several well thought details and solutions that perfectly play together behind TableConnect’s seamless surface, to make the big screen experience comfortable and perfectly functionable.



Full HD LED Anti-Glare Display

We have taken some extra effort to make TableConnect’s surface look good in any surrounding. A extra anti-glare layer attached to the panels heavy-duty glass, avoids reflections so you can enjoy the full TableConnect experience without distractions.



Smart Areas

To achieve a seamless and intuitive experience while using TableConnect we made the decision to implement active sensor areas on the surface of the device. With the home button located on all four corners and the orientation buttons at the edges, we made sure that the most frequent used controls are easily accessible.




Use over 300.000 already available apps fom the App Store. Create new apps made for TableConnect’s big surface and true multi-user performance. TableOnnect simply adds a new dimension to app interaction.



Sense Control

Several backlit sensor buttons provide access to the most used controls of TableConnect, also avoiding complicated menu structures.



Full Connectivity

To transfer all the necessary data between the host device and TableConnect, we use state of the art technology like HMDI (display signal), Bluetooth (touch signals) and WiFi.



Seamless Surface

One remarkable feature of TableConnect that seperates it from all Touch Devices out there is it’s incredibly beautiful seamless surface. There are no edges that would stop your fingers while swiping and no chance for dirt getting trapped inside the device.



One touch pairing

Frequent visitors have an easy life with TableConnect since it’s app provides easy one-touch-pairing making sure you’re ready to touch within seconds.



TableConnect 55
Lenght: 145,5 cm (57,3 inches)
Width: 92,5 cm (36,4 inches)
Height: 72 cm (28,4 inches)

TableConnect 60 Measurements


When will it be available?
TableConnect is currently available for rent only. Based on the current development status first sales are expected for Q1 2015.
If you are interested in being among the first exclusive TableConnect owners, please write us now at

Where is it available?
We currently rent our devices only in the central european markets but plan to make our product available in the US as soon as we release it to the market for sale.

Who is it made for?
TableConnect is the perfect device to showcase your apps to a bigger audience in a never before seen interactive way. TableConnect also offers a true multi-user experience for the iOS platform for the first time and thus opening new possibilities for app developers and users as well. You will be able to enjoy using TableConnect in shopping malls, restaurants, museums, shops and trade fairs around the world in the near future.

Will it work with every iOS device?
TableConnect will be shipped with a fully pre-configured iOS-Device (iPhone or iPad) running iOS7 or later. We recommend using the latest available iOS hardware like the iPhone 5S and the iPad Air. All iOS devices need a jailbreak at this stage of development.

How much will it cost?
We expect the 55 inch version of TableConnect to cost around € 25.000,-.

Will there be different sizes available?
As announced earlier we plan to offer smaller sized versions of TableConnect that will be perfectly suitable for private usage and a version that can be integrated in various environments.